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Paul PrinceProduct was exactly as billed. I used it while fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead it worked great. Sure easier than trying to get stakes in the ground!

Ivan - Great product even better customer service !!

If you have a 2 pole license or more this is your holder! A pole, rock, tree, your brother sorry, this will strap to it awesome. Easy to use, easy to remove, I throw one each in my and my kids fishing buckets. Can’t say enough good things.

Allan H - I was given one of these units as a gift by a good friend named Gary. It worked so well I had to purchase 2 more for Ice Fishing. They strap quick and easy to the chairs and hold the rod at a perfect angle in case the big one hits. I also strap these to the seats in my boat and they hold our casting rods. Highly recommend especially after pricing out Crestliner rod holders and the only mounting system that would work for this boat. Bracket $60 each, rod holder $62 each. Easy math folks.

Dan - Like this thing and use it every time I go fishing. Very versatile to mount usually on my ice chest. Light weight and much better than trying to stick a pole holder in the ground. Fits all the rods I own with no issues.

JMTTMC - Worked exactly as I thought it would. Worked great for trolling and bait fishing. Was also able to hold two poles at once. Great product!! Highly Recommend!

Joelslash - Once discovered this rod holder and purchased it immediately! It is tiny enough beyond my imagination and easy to be set up on various situations!

Jeff B. - Versatile. Hooks to almost anything including a pontoon boat.