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About Us

Rod Sprocket is the brainchild of Brad and Garry, just a couple of shoreline river fishermen from Canada with a great idea. 

The Rod Sprocket started out life as a way to make their own lives easier, so they could enjoy what they love to do even more: fish.

They were getting tired of jerry-rigging homemade rod holders out of PVC pipe, bent angle iron, welded steel tubing, stakes and piled rocks... there had to be an easier solution!

Brad and Garry challenged each other to a design competition to see who could create the ultimate rod holder that can attach to anything.

And, from just one spark, a fire was born.

Introducing Rod Sprocket.

No more rock piles. No more jamming poles into mud and muck. No more inefficient inconvenience.

An all-terrain fishing rod holder built by anglers, for anglers, that works everywhere.