What's Holding Your Rod Up?

Stop building rock piles or wedging sticks for a makeshift support.

How It Works

A fully universal fishing rod holder capable of attaching to almost anything! Tackle box / bag, coolers, a piece of driftwood, a rock or a dock, lawn chair, belly boat, kayak, canoe, float tube, pier, tree trunk or even around your waiste line.

If it holds still long enough you can strap your fishing rod to it.

Unique Design

Allows for your rod to tip at multiple angles


Rod Sprocket quickly and securly attaches to your tackle bag / box or just about anything else.

A Great Fit For Any Angler

Compact and light weight, Rod Sprocket is easily carried around your tackle box / bag or on your person.

Works on any terrain

Created from necessity, there are many situations where stabbing the spring-style rod holder into the ground is just not practical. Now you have an option. Light weight, straps to the outside of your tackle box so it doesn't take up any extra precious space in your tackle box.

Adjustable without adjusting anything

Its unique patent pending design with no moving parts allows for multiple rod tip angles with zero adjustment. Just strap the Rod Sprocket onto whatever is handy and your hands-free fishing.

Telus Pitch Top 100

TELUS Pitch is Telus' way to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs across Canada and do their part to give back to the community in the form of funding, mentorship and exposure on a national scale.

Rod Sprocket has been selected for the top 100 and we are thrilled at the opportunity to potentially be chosen as their selected small business.

We would be honoured if you would support Rod Sprocket by voting for us in the top 100 to help us get through to the top 10!

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Rod Sprocket

$32.95 + Shipping

A patent pending fishing rod holder allowing hands free fishing anywhere.
Shipping is $8.95 and free shipping with purchasing 4 or more Rod Sprockets.


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