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Just a quick note about ice fishing safety

Every year in the colder climates we are treated with the reward of hard water fishing, in exchange for hard starting trucks, and hours of back breaking snow shovelling. Both a gift and a curse, if you fish, ice fishing is for you! As the days grow shorter and it gets colder we can hardly wait to hear the sound that the auger makes as it chews through the shield of the ice to expose the bounty of our favorite lake beneath. This impatience has been tragic for many. Every year we lose too many anglers through the ice, due to premature ice crossings. 

As a rule the ice should be at least 4" thick in perfect conditions to support a human safely, and a solid foot for a small vehicle. Don't rush it as it is only a matter of a week or 2 to ensure proper ice thickness. Watch for bubbly or rotten ice, as they are dangerous no matter what the ice thickness. Take care of yourselves, stay warm and happy fishing!